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Eyebrow Cosmetic Tattoo

Whether it’s to fill in the gaps, add fullness or to save time drawing brows on in the morning eyebrow cosmetic tattoo can be a huge benefit to you.

We understand not everyone has the same taste, so we offer two different techniques to suit each individuals needs and desires.

Which method is right for me?


Powder / Ombré

A powdery “pixelated” shading effect which can be customised to be as soft or dramatic as desired. Eyebrows can be shaded softly at the front and gradually more dramatic towards the tails for an Ombré look.



A combination of micro blading and powder brow technique. Using the micro blading technique to create hair like strokes at the front of the brows which fades into a powder brow towards the tail.

Price List

Powder / Ombré Brows



Previous Tattoo: $500

6-8 Week Touch Up: $150

Combination Brows



Previous Tattoo: $550

6-8 Week Touch Up: $150

6 - 12 Month Touch Up: $200

12 - 18 Month Touch Up: $250

18 - 24 Month Touch Up: $300

Anything over 24 months will be charged as a new set of brows.

No brow tattoo treatment is fully completed until 6-8 week touch up has been done.

All brow tattooing services are inclusive of a take home brow after care & maintenance kit.

Consultation: $80 (Not compulsory)

Please note that 50% of the consultation cost will be applied to your Eyebrow Tattoo appointment. 

Face to face consultation to discuss your eyebrow tattoo desires & options. An eyebrow pre-draw & brow tidy will be done to give you an idea of how they will look once tattooed.


Please submit images of your eyebrows to

Requirements: Front on view of both eyebrows and individual photos of left & right brow.


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